Lately we saw struggles in between the people of Artvin and the security forces of seven provinces, which have been concentrated in the region. As mostly tear gas and Toma spoke instead of words. What was the problem? A mine should be built in Ceratepe, and this pearl of the nature, including forest and water, would have been destroyed. Even the AKP-boss of the region was against it. The previous national director of forests was a true scientist, he ordered a report to be made, but unfortunately he was relocated because he resisted mining in this area. When they could not change the report, they changed the director.
Finally the government gave in. But for how long? Still the heavy machines are in the region, still the police-forces are present. Be awake! Diren, Artvin!


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read me! Hotel Naipaula: Und weiterhin.... Die Labyrinthe von Hibouh: Orte der Sehnsucht. Oasen für alle Umtriebigen und Nachtschönheiten. Inseln im opaken Licht der Phantasie unter einem fleischig dahinziehenden Mond. Leise Dämmerung auf den Höhen. Neugierig geworden? Wir bringen Sie hin, wo Erleben und Erkennen eins werden. Nur Mut - lüften Sie dieses Geheimnis!

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