Anatolian mythology

You are right, Dilek, we should know more about Anatolian mythology. The western culture has been based on Greek mythology. But: Is the Greek mythology alive in Europe anymore? Today we know more about Anatolian gods and heroes than people in Europe about their roots (which, by the way, come from Efes and Miletos and Didim etc. in our neigbourhood too). Do they know more about the name of their continent than about the backside of Jennifer Lopez? Do they not think, that Ajax is a detergent and Homer the first name of Mr.Simpson?


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read me! Hotel Naipaula: Und weiterhin.... Die Labyrinthe von Hibouh: Orte der Sehnsucht. Oasen für alle Umtriebigen und Nachtschönheiten. Inseln im opaken Licht der Phantasie unter einem fleischig dahinziehenden Mond. Leise Dämmerung auf den Höhen. Neugierig geworden? Wir bringen Sie hin, wo Erleben und Erkennen eins werden. Nur Mut - lüften Sie dieses Geheimnis!

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