About Oppression

“Evil” things were always in danger to be banned. The mayor actors in that matter are the USA. Think about the Abolition. Think about Joyces’s and Henry Miller’s books, banned there for a long time. But what happened? People made their own alcohol and drank more than before. They smuggled the forbidden books, edited in France or in Japan, read them with enthusiasm, probably more eagerly than if they were allowed. Worldwide and especially here in Turkey there have been campaigns to abolish smoking. The tobacco-industry will enjoy it: more people than before are smoking……

P.S.: what about oppressing sexual relations?

Dilek Kutzli If they go on oppressing sexuality it will be even worse, religious people will be encouraged to honor killings, stoning, female genital mutilation and they will seek to repress certain forms of sexual expression. Let’s hope human nature will always have a tendency to free expression.

Thomas Kutzli Another example of the opposite of something wanted happening: “Turkey faces the prospect of a problem common to most European countries – an aging population – as the number of live births and the fertility rate continue to decrease, according to a report by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK).” Many apeals were made to increase the birth rate…


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