Religious confrontations

Actually East and West are getting right into a confrontation. While Islamic fundamentalists are heard with hate speech about Western civilization, European populists condemn everything smelling of Islam. Are we going to a clash of religions? For simple minds everywhere it seems like this. But what has the power play in between the Middle East and Europe to do with religion? Is the Christian Democratic Union really following Christian principles? (If you scrutinize them a bit nearer, the CDU is nor Christian, nor democratic, nor united). And what have the wars of the NATO-troups in Iraq and Afghanistan to do with the demands of “our Saviour”? Jesus!

On the other side: Is cheating, stealing, bribing, getting richer and richer the aim of Mohammed’s followers? Is building gargantuan palaces really the goal of a pious Muslim?

I was mesmerized by a remark in the main German news (normally I am not very much taken in by their news): Today the traditional Assembly of Catholics (Katholikentag) opened in Leipzig, in a town, where very few Christians live….

Could it be, that only a few Muslims live in the east? We better stop to call the upcoming confrontation a religious one.


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