Honour – feminine

Honour – masculine

In all times men could earn their honour in war, in fighting. If someone refuses to fight, his honour was lost, he was called a coward. But to die in a fight was and is very honourable. Why do men go to war? To protect their wives and children.

Women do not fight. They cook lens-soup. Their honour is situated in a very different place: in between their legs. They have to be faithful. Horror, if a woman has a lover. Disaster, if she got pregnant from. She must be killed. I am not talking about the stone-age now. In the sixties of the 20th century a woman which gave birth without being married was a kind of outcast in Germany. And we all know enough of honour-killings….

honorBut of course to rape “the enemies” wives was and is a must in all wars. May they live without their honour…..


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