Walk on the wild side: David Bowie

We lost him this year. Remember, where he was born? South London. All his life was dedicated to music, acting, glamour and androgenity (Ziggy Stardust). For those purposes he didn’t fear alcoholism, workaholism, drugs, kinky lifestyle, though he studied art, music and design, including layout and typesetting too. Not only did he become a well-known patron of expressionist art, he began an intensive self-improvement course in classical music and literature. With him we went to be heroes for one day. Who wouldn’t want such a choir as a tribute? ? So: listen. And take you protein-pills and put your helmet on!




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read me! Hotel Naipaula: http://www.blogigo.de/Hotel_Naipaula http://www.blogigo.de/Hotel_Naipaula Und weiterhin.... Die Labyrinthe von Hibouh: Orte der Sehnsucht. Oasen für alle Umtriebigen und Nachtschönheiten. Inseln im opaken Licht der Phantasie unter einem fleischig dahinziehenden Mond. Leise Dämmerung auf den Höhen. Neugierig geworden? Wir bringen Sie hin, wo Erleben und Erkennen eins werden. Nur Mut - lüften Sie dieses Geheimnis!

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