Daily mythology: crystals

For us something mind-blogging beautiful. The name! And then the mathematical accuracy, the multiple geometric forms! The straight line, the corner, the edge…. The marked contrast to the round, organic, growing form – which we like too (but that would be another story). The crystal declares a magic message, mysterious, undeclared but tremendously effective. “Such a regular, brilliant object cannot be of pure natural origin, it has to have a potential power we are only vicariously able to reach…” (Dr. Joachim Paul).

Who doesn’t have an amethyst on his desk, is not dreaming of rock crystal? We drape the most beautiful pieces on silken scarves, we kiss the ring of the bishop, we die for Cesare Borgia ( we smile in secret to life and death – how Marina Zwetaeva would say).

In literature, especially in science fiction,crystals are always, really always loaded with energy, put to good account they show astonishing powers, push the spaceship to superluminal speed and are even stronger than Superman. We all heard of Krypton, Dilithium, Howalgonium, Khalumvatt or Salkrit, we all wish we would have a tiny little ZPM-module or a guiding crystal in our tin lizzy.

Crystals belong to the inner of our earth, they “grow” there in the dark extremely slow to be beautiful. But the dwarf pulls them out into the daylight and makes them shine in all colours.


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read me! Hotel Naipaula: http://www.blogigo.de/Hotel_Naipaula http://www.blogigo.de/Hotel_Naipaula Und weiterhin.... Die Labyrinthe von Hibouh: Orte der Sehnsucht. Oasen für alle Umtriebigen und Nachtschönheiten. Inseln im opaken Licht der Phantasie unter einem fleischig dahinziehenden Mond. Leise Dämmerung auf den Höhen. Neugierig geworden? Wir bringen Sie hin, wo Erleben und Erkennen eins werden. Nur Mut - lüften Sie dieses Geheimnis!

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