Daily mythology: Time

Was there time before the watch was created? Anyway, since the exact watch was invented the whole world was sectored into time-zones, and everybody agreed that these zones should be related to the zero-meridian, passing through the observatory of Greenwich near London. So we got the GMT (Greenwich mean time). Europe was GMT+1, Turkey GMT+2. Then we invented summer- and winter-time, which means that our watches were backwarded for 1 hour in spring and forwarded again to “normal” time in autumn. Now our government decided to stay on summer-time. That means Turkey will be GMT+3 in future winters, or, said in another way, detached from Europe and connected to Arab countries. Some say ironically that we’ll have OMT (Ottoman Mean Time). The official justification says that we’ll save electricity by using daylight. This is not true: we’ll spend in the morning what we’ll save in the evening.
Sad to say: as some parliaments decide about genocide our government tells us now what time it is….Both actions are ridiculous: is the sky blue because the UN decides it?


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