Daily mythology: the coconut


(for Harry Belafonte)

On a Pacific island a palm tree grows on the beach. Graciously it bends towards the sea, and when its fruit – the coconuts – are ripe, they fall into the sea and embark to a long journey. It is a big fruit – maybe in the shape of a human head – outside a thick, green skin, then a thin but very hard skin like a skull, inside but white flesh and then a white liquid, the so called coconut milk. The nut, swinging softly on the waves of the southern sea, engages for a long trip. And, how amazing: inside it carries a small ocean too! Finally it’s washed on another shore, there it will grow as a new coconut tree, bending graciously towards the sea….. In that way the coconut-palm spread all over the tropical-zone.
Before we were born we swam in amniotic fluid inside our mother’s belly. Actually this liquid is salty too, a small ocean. We all came from the sea. Even Charles Darwin crept to shore. And the coconut gives an image of all that.


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