Daily mythology: the sandwich

A sandwich is a slice or a bit of food (meat, cheese, eggs, tuna fish, salad with shrimps and marmite) in between two slices of bread. The rumor tells us that originally it sustained John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich at the gambling table, where he was playing bridge – the poor had no time left for regular meals… The “Sandwich” was born! and some say that that was Britain’s biggest contribution to the worlds gastronomy. Though Lord Sandwich made political career and was among others First Lord of the Admiralty, (there he was a strong supporter of Captain Cook, who named some Pacific islands after him – today the Sandwich-Islands are known as “Hawaii”) he’s mainly remembered by that food. “Seldom has any man held so many offices and accomplished so little.” they said his epitaph should read.

Today one can buy Sandwiches in any supermarket, maybe in Leicester or in Timbuktu, in Albany, Melbourne, Mumbai or Pretoria, one can eat them at a picnic in Weston-super-Mare or in the fast train from Paris to London.


“Sandwich” is the name of a position when making love too, accordingly it means a human in between of two others. But we should ask Milady Dorothy, Sandwich’s wife, for further details, as she was bored by her husbands constants absence and ordered two footmen to be at her services….


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