Daily mythology: The maze

The maze – amazing!
The maze is the brain, the uterus, the city, the course of the sun in a year, the initiation. The maze is not a knot garden in the sense that you lose your way, the classic maze (of Crete) has just one way to go. Very rhythmic one goes up and down (like the sun), undulating like a walking pilgrimage, as a track it shows signs of a dance, with it one tried to reach another state of consciousness (today you’re desperately searching that with drugs, dance-floor-music, alcohol, sex, operations or by killing your neighbors). To reach another state of mind is equating the “other world”. On the islands of the Pacific Ocean they told that after your death an angel is awaiting you on the beach. There he draws half of a maze into the sand. If you can’t complete it you’ll never reach the lands beyond. There are mazes as petroglyphs or on the ground made from stones – paradoxically like dolmen and stone-circles always near the sea – as drawings or images in Gothic cathedrals (Chartres, Amiens, Séléstat aso), as gardens with the virgin in the middle… The first maze? Probably in Crete. Picasso pictured it together with the Minotaur.We know the tale of Ariadne’s thread. Ariadne was a goddess, Dionysos, her lover, left her on Naxos. But that’s another thread…. There is an Etruscan design: a horse shows instead of it’s tail a maze. And the writing (from right to left, as they always did): “Troy is built in the shape of the moon”. There you go.

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