Daily mythology: Tatoo you!


The world as Talisman/tılsım

  1. The earth has a skin. This skin is alive and breathes (and transports emotions?). The important things on earth happen on this surface, this skin, even the atmosphere is a thin layer (of life). The earth’s skin has hair – take the woods , mouths – caverns, eyes – lakes. There are even similarities to ass, vagina and penis. And the seas, the deserts, the mountains? Veins and blood circulation of the earth are on the surface: wells, runlets, creeks, torrents, rivers, lakes, seas, clouds, precipitations. What keeps it alive? The heart. Where is earth’s heart? Far outside in space: the sun.
  2. Untouched by this we from the beginning design paths and streets, first by foot – where we always have to walk: to the fields, to the house, to the agora, then to the next house, the next tribe, the next town… we start to construct roads, we overcome the obstacles with fords, bridges and dams. Later on there will be a railway-network. We seal. We leave our imprint to landscape, mainly by agriculture. That might be the origin of the word “culture”
  3. Then we start to term. We put names to the fields, the places, the roads, the neighborhoods, the buildings, the shops, the businesses. The location-names date from long gone past, roads and towns might have been destroyed ten times but the names are still the same. Without names no orientation. In very deserted regions even the trees got names. And to the stars we gave them too.
  4. This widely ramified and sophisticated net (paths, roads, highways, railways) is in use every second. We are by ourselves the living design of the earth.
  5. And finally: After roaming we tell about (“tell me all!”). From travel to epopee. Ilias and Odyssee. We reflect (we think about) and we re-create the whole net in our thoughts.
  6. We tattooed the world. Over and over. The earth is a tattoo. But the skin is moving, even if we seal it with towns (do you know the ground-plan of Palmanova in Italy?). But sometimes the spell doesn’t work anymore: Capitals and empires fall (read my lips, Hillary Clinton), and, horribile dictu, even names change. Who of us knows spontaneously the former name of Burkina Faso? And the actual name of Ceylon? Leningrad, Zaire, Karl-Marx-Stadt, Togliatti and Stuyvesant are no more, Peking is suddenly Beijing When Fatih Sultan Mehmet took over Constantinople he ordered to hang big panels (with writings from Koran) into the four corners of Haghia Sofia and ready was the mosque! “Wer schreibt, der bleibt” (Who writes, stays) reads a German saying.
  7. Tattoo is writing, image and sign in one. It takes effect. It tells. I shouldn’t write the “Big Bodrum Story into books and folders but on the outline of the town – as a told map.In that moment all the intimacies would be protected. Who reads signs?

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