Daily mythology: Rifat

After the opening we are invited to Marina Köfteci. Sitting at the long table among others: Ömer Bey, the headmaster of Marmara Kolej with a young woman, then Rifat with his wife from milk and honey – the other day we even saw their baby in Güneş’ house… But Rifat with his curly horsetail from black hair and his sideburns, his necklace and his ways looks like a D’Artagnan, with bright eyes and polished blade. Or he could easily play in a Kusturica-movie. What?, Kusturica says, you feel safe in Europe? Soon it will all be Balkan….
I remember the opening in Ali Koca’s house in the pine-woods far behind Mumcular. He, his son Rifat and his wife were exhibiting. Emrecan too, the youngster with his mother. Emrecan was only painting his mother: a big-breasted woman with the hair of Medusa. In fact there was no real contemporary art, but much reminiscence to the past. The few contemporary objects, for example from Genco, Ahmet or Dilek, are not mentioned in the press.
Contemporary art is creating what we’ll like in 200 years. For now it awakens lack of understanding and antipathy. It is just alike in the natural sciences, but do they therefore have a retrospective approach? Who would be nostalgic as a physician? If natural evolution does not progress we’ll do it! they say. But if art and philosophy don’t think like that progress will have it’s scene elsewhere. But where do we go? Art would know it.
I claim: Art has an opinion how man should be, how he should treat his equals. Is it like this in science too, where the most achievable goal, the most affordable project counts? The immeasurable damages coming from that approach are rarely foreseen by those scientists. Rifat knows, but maybe he doesn’t think about? But one has to think. Pure emotional art? Rubbish.


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