Daily mythology: The Pick-Up


The Pick-Up seems to be the new warrior-car. Though you can use it as a civilian too it seems made to pick up militiamen. The “invasion” of Chad by Libya 1980 was, I think, the first “Toyota war” (since then they are usual in the arid zones, of course not only with Toyota, but with all kind of Pick-Ups). The bloodthirsty tyrant, sexual abuser and torturer Hissĕne Habré was backed by France and the US. But who lives is Habré and who is dead is Qaddafi (One day the history of our two centuries will have to be written anew). Pick-Ups are predestined to have a machine gun or a light canon rigid on them, they are used by all kind of paramilitary militias, we all know it since we saw the columns of cars with black ISID-flags on TV. Thoughts: Are all wars in our times splitting in a high-tech and a tribal or religious component? More thoughts: Pick-Up salesmen must be very talented to sell their cars to both sides!

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