Daily mythology: wire-haired dachshund on the example of Nudl


Nudl was a wire-haired dachshund who lived with Jiři. We don’t know if Nudl was the boss or Jiři was it. Jiři was the substitute of the Culture-Minister and resided in Prague’s famous Palais Waldstein (ah, Wallenstein!). Nudl run always 10 meters in front of Jiři when they took a walk of control through the hundreds of offices, so everybody knew the right moment to start to work.
But soon would be the visit of Andropov and Chernomyrdin. Everybody was shaking nervous. In the garden a long table for the buffet was prepared. The big moment came, the highest Soviets too. Just when Andropov and Chernomyrdin entered the garden Nudl jumped on the table and all over the dishes. Shame! Nudl an Jiři both fell from grace, first they were appointed director of the zoological garden of Dvur Kralove deep in province, later on Jiři was even imprisoned. That turned out to be a big chance, because one year later the famous “bunch of keys-revolution” took place and Jiři, as a “dissident”, was freed. In no time he was general-manager of Mercedes in Czechia. What became of Nudl? Well, I hope he had a good capitalist life…..


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