Daily mythology: Solar-energy

After a long period of reflecting we finally decided to install it. Now we have four solar panels on the roof and an invertor and some batteries in our storeroom. We nearly paid it from our credit-cards. People with four or five credit-cards could easily afford it. It is needed! Everybody needs air-condition, irons, washing-machines, everybody buys microwave-ovens, dishwashers, pressure-cookers and other machines, all of them having high wattages.So far for private people. Now to governments and economies: one day they will be hold responsible for building magnificent buildings, for speculating on wheat, for paying billions to their managers, for buying weapons, etc., instead of subsidizing solar energy. Why so much people live in growing poverty? Where do the financial crises come from? Why are the national finances so in deficit? And modern economies are all incredibly hungry for energies.

In our country the government is busy to decree new laws making rape a gentleman-crime, in building new prisons for so called terrorists, in making war against its own people, in building illegal palaces and other sophomoric buildings and in bribing each other. But this country is like predestined for sun-energy. We here have over 300 sunny days a year. If every house would have solar energy – and the government could easily pay it skipping the projects above – the national balance sheet could be incredibly adjusted. Not to talk about the relief people could have by paying less for electricity, not to talk about the relief our earth would have by this form of energy.


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