Daily mythology: Equator-Railway

When we were children we imagined a railway running all around the world exactly on the equator. If the train runs the same speed as the earth turns, we would always have breakfast, people outside could provide fresh bread rolls to us. And additionally we wouldn’t age, would we? If the train accelerates we would even get younger.
Just now I am far from the equator, alas, sitting in Bodrum’s bar Pİ (a good place to think about the circumference of the earth though).

What would happen, if the equator train runs in the other direction? We would speedily get older. Both directions are useful. Elder gents often fall in love with very young girls, they simply send them for some rounds around the earth until they reach the age of sixteen (rounds makes them round). The other direction is taken because of wrinkles and crow’s feet, and the ticket is cheaper than any Botox-injection. People say Brad Pitt fell asleep once in that train.
The international date line
Only while crossing the date line you’ll get a bit of a hiccup. That line, which HAS to be crossed by our choo-choo-train, was by purpose drawn mainly in waters. But still there are some small islands there – on one of them the people of yesterday, the diehards, are living. At one place this line crosses a house! A family – a couple with four children, 3 sisters and one brother – is living there. If the kids forget their home works they simply go to the other side of the room, diving into yesterday. Sometimes the boy predicts the weather – stop this prophecies! his sisters use to shout then. From the daily train they throw the newspaper of yesterday. Who wants to know more about this subject should read “The Island of the Day before” by Umberto Eco


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