Daily mythology: Mixed information about horses


Why has the horse-shoe always and everywhere been a symbol for luck? Superstitious sailors even used to pin horse-shoes to their ship masts, believing the vessel would avoid storms then…
horse-kicking (in German it says “horse-kiss”…)
“Crazy-Horse”, “Running Horse”, Kicking Horse” etc., as native Indian names
Cossacks, Hussards,“Kürassiere”, “Kataphrakten”, Cavalry (Peter Steinbrück wanted to send them to Switzerland)
In German a tit-for-tat-response is called “Retourkutsche”
“Wild horses” Rolling Stones
“Fliegende Pferde” Achim Reichel
“Dark horse” Kate Perry
“Lady Godiva” Simply Red
The Appaloosa horse, even if the patches are not to be seen, will be recognized by its human eyes.
“All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again
The theater-play “Equus” by Peter Shaffer. Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton, Leonard Nimoy (Mr.Spock), Anthony Perkins, Peter Firth played in it. The main hero (a psychopath) is getting religious and sexually attracted by horses…
Catherine the Great aka Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst, born in Stettin, then Prussia, now Poland.
She was empress of Russia in the “Golden Age” of that empire. She won much lands, in the south against the Ottomans, in the west against Poland and Prussia, in the east she even created “Russian Alaska”.
She brought enlightenment to the country (ehm, to the aristocrats). She had about three official lovers among them Prince Potemkin, known for his villages and who gave his name to a famous armored cruiser), and many nonofficials. There are legends about her erotic appetite for horses.
In ancient times most transports were done by horseback, carriage or coaches
In my childhood in front of my grandparents’ house were huge stables full of cold-blood-horses: Guyer- and Ruckstuhl-Transporte. In those times you used to do your moving by horse-carriage. Today only huge beer-carriages are used as a folklore….
In our dormitory we once had female twins, a bit fat, which by everybody were called “The post-coaches”
The evolution of the horse is tightly linked to humans. Like theirs it went from east to west (horse-people like the Huns and Mongols, the Skyths, the Ostrogoths and the Wisigoths did it, later imitated on the American continent in the run to the “Wild-West”…)
Ay! Hold your horses, dear!!


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