Daily mythology: Advertisement

Product placement: Emerson, Lake & Palmer are playing in an empty Baseball-stadium, their synthesizer shows in big letters: Yamaha. What kind of car is the police chief in the series driving? Mercedes or Chrysler? Maybe even Volvo, if you like to watch “Wallander”. Look there: a love scene in the movie, but on the table a Cola-bottle! “Orange is the new Black”: even in prison they eat Marshmallows! Not to talk about the legion of Hospital series.

And then the “normal” advertisement, billing, canvassing. What is it for? Obviously for telling us what we need. Or suggesting us to buy what we don’t need. Much talent, much human capabilities are used to find the ideal slogan. “That’s how winning is done!”

In Germany I used to be paid as a writer. For a novel I got 500 €, for an essay 1000, for a flyer 2000 and for a headline 5000. That is, how it works.

In a non-capitalist society we wouldn’t need advertisement. We would produce just as much, as people need. But in this world and those centuries there is overproduction and competition (and the waste). We love competition. From childhood on we’re trained for it. But why in the field of goods?



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