Daily mythology: Eileen Atkins

To write about a singular human being? To write about an actress or an actor? Then I could write even about Robert Redford, or Kirk Douglas (jippie, 100 years old!), or Kim Novak (alas, vanished a long time ago…)?

But this is different. Listen: Do you know Eileen Atkins? I guess, no. You never heard her name, but may be you recognize her face? Did you see the TV-series “Doc Martin”, where she’s playing aunt Ruth? Or the movie “Last chance Harvey”, where she’s playing Emma Thompsons mother? See?

But have a look on her biography: She was born in a Salvation-Army-Women’s-Hostel in North London. Her father was a gas meter reader and her mother a seamstress and barmaid. With a big effort she got rid of her cockney accent and then studied Shakespeare and the Greek tragedies. About accent: I lived for nearly 35 years in Hamburg, but even after that time the first remark when I spoke was: you’re Swiss, aren’t you?

Now, if you saw Ms.Atkins: She’s rather aristocratic, isn’t she? My fair Lady lives.


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