Will Grigg’s on fire

A song, originally sung for Will Grigg, player for Northern Ireland, who wasn’t one second on the pitch during the European Championships in France 2016. But the fans sung it, even when Northern-Ireland left the competition. This song was adapted first by all British fans, then form all the fans, then it seems from whole Paris. Then it went viral and got even into the charts. Do you want to hear the quintessential EC-chant? It was sung while bounding and dancing, adapted from the 90th Pop-song “Freed from desire”.

“Will Grigg’s on fire, your defense is terrified! Nananananana.

He will just score goals, he will just score more and more!”

It seems singing has retired into the stadiums, were fans chant and move for the ninety minutes of a match. Maria Callas, Bianca Castafiore and all the nightingales of the world would blush.



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