Daily mythology: Cutlery

We all got our daily experience with knife, fork and spoon. But as soon we start thinking about we’re aware of it’s inherent symbolisms: the intellect is a knife inside our head, sometimes while walking along we get to a forking, tired in the evening we reach our mate to sleep in spoon-position.

In fairy tales this symbolism is even elaborated: the brothers, reaching the forking, separe. One goes to the left, the other to the right. But one of them slams his knife into the tree standing there (I bet it is a holly, a hazelnut or a mountain ash. Careful! If it is an alder, the alder-king might hide there!), where was I? Ah, yes, one brother runs his knife into the trunk and says: If one of us comes back to here, he will know about his brother: if the blade is spotless on the other side, he is well, if the blade is spotted or rusty, he is ill or perhaps might be dead…..

“She came in through the bathroom window, protected by her silver spoon,” the expression silver spoon is synonymous with wealth, especially inherited.

In German we say”spoon” to ears: “Der Hase spitzte die Löffel” (ah, if only I could write about the hare!), “Ich geb Dir gleich eins hinter die Löffel!”

There are many general themes that have been associated with knives. These include: pain, betrayal, revenge, and sacrifice.

Bye, folks! (Mac the Knife)


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