Daily mythology: Gold and sugar

First, gold was for us the sun – Here comes the sun -, its rays reaching even very dark places. But we couldn’t reach it, Ikarus, trying to come near it, payed with his life. Then gold came to earth, finally, poor people digged it out and payed with their lives. What for? We stored it in the earth again, in safes, in bank vaults, in strongrooms. We even built Fort Knox and similar places and guarded they4 well. Gold was our security – better said: the countries security. Rather seldom gold came up to daylight again to be coin. We printed the image of the sun on it. More often the image of our supreme leader. Quickly those coins disappeared again in the dark, into hidden places, beneath our pillows. For daily life we used nickel, dime and buck.
During the antiques sugar was only known in form of honey, made by bees out of flower’s gifts. It was rare, expensive and only for the rich. But we found out that many plants concentrate sugar in their fruit. They don’t do it for themselves, but for animals and humans.
Then came the time of sugar cane and even sugar beet. How sweetness went to be available for all of us! We refined raw materials and got mountains of white sugar! We even distillated brandies to obliterate and overpower the illnesses coming from sugar!
What stories! As well for gold as for the sugar we see a movement from up to down: from the sun in space to the bank vaults, from flower to fruit to stalk to root…


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