Daily mythology: Jean Rhys


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Jean Rhys

 “If I could choose I would rather be happy than write …”

She wrote in English though she was born 1890 in Dominica and all her life she was teased because of her Creole accent. Her mentor: Ford Maddox Ford. Very late she became famous because of her novel “The Wide Sargasso Sea” Like for example in Germany Franziska zu Reventlow Rhys worked as a demimondaine and nude model in England, where she lived after she was 16 until her death with 88 years.
She married three times but had no luck with her husbands. Two of them went to jail, one was a spy…..
Her famous novel ” The Wide Sargasso Sea” is written as a prequel to “Jane Eyre”. Did you ever read “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde? Here you got three books composed like the modern serie-films with abundant jumps into the future and the past. In same time Virginia Woolfs remark “Books originate in books” is proven.



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