Mythology: Charon


Charon is the ferryman bringing the dead to the other world called Hades, called Orcus – Dante calls it hell. Charon has a boat and he sets over river Styx. The dead, to pay him, need to have their “Obolus” (a coin) underneath their tongue.
The entrance to the other world is marked by an Asphodelus. Here we have plenty of it – which one is the right one? Cerberus (Kerberos) waits there, the three-headed guardian-dog.
Long time ago even nymph Psyche (well known because of her meddling with Amor) was sent to the underworld by Aphrodite to get a bit of renewed beauty from Persephone. She took two coins with her, because she had to turn back.
Only half-gods like Heracles, Theseus or Orpheus are able to return from there.
All this would be a nice level for a computer-game. What do you say, it exists already? And the whole mythology is known only to nerds nowadays?
(image: Gustav Doré: Charon)


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