Daily mythology: Birth in the equator-train

As I told you before my father constructed a train all along the equator, one time around the world. He did it just for fun, though parts across the sea were rather difficult. As we saw, in one direction the train run with the earth rotation, in the other against it. Locically you could influence elapsing of time in it. If the train went against the rotation of the earth, you could slowly go into the past. One day a passenger travelled with such a train. After several hours he noticed to be younger than before. He turned to be a schoolboy, then a baby. Happily his mother came to his compartment and took care of him. Finally she gave her breast to him, nevertheless he went to be younger and younger. What to do? She called the midwife, which undressed the poor little thing and stuck it in between the legs of the mother. “Take a deep breath now, and suck! The midwife said. What a luck! The father came to help too. Finally our mother was just high pregnant, then her tommy shrunk slowly….one evening the father sucked a bit of semen out of her. Then they went to the salon-wagon. There Neil Young and his band were playing. It sounded strange! Nevertheless they danced, smilingly, tenderly….

Suddenly the train stopped! And started to go in the other direction! Ah, it was “Harvest Moon” the band played! Let’s dance on, said the man, then we return to our compartment. Well, you know what happened later on….


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