Daily mythology II : Theater

Tonight I saw a dream and lost my sleep, thinking further along it. We had a theatre-group and discussed, what to play next. I had an idea, but the others were very skeptic. So I just told them the main things, maybe they won’t accept it? The basic idea is to deconstruct the play. To that purpose nothing – or nearly nothing – would be seen on stage, but in various places elsewhere, in the public, in front, left or right of the stage, in the boxes, in behind the public and even in the break room, maybe at the bar? To get the public back on their seats one could easily make some actors talk in walking, like for example in Dr. House, ER or even in Faust from Goethe (Faust and Gretchen, Mephisto and Gretchen). To focus the public there could be a tower with one or two headlights, taking directors and prompters place. The headlight would always move to the scene to play, the rest of the room would be in the dark.
Unhappily I forgot what play it was *smile*, but a lot of plays would do: Midsumernights dream or Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare, Woyzeck from Büchner, Cyrano de Bergerac, nearly all of Schillers plays….. (NOT “Krapp’s last tape” from Beckett). But I remember that the only things on stage were some broken music-machines, from where you heard a song….
(One could even give my plea to the “committee” in the beginning in front of the closed curtains to introduce the public in what is to expect…)
Right: the ancient unity of time and place would be broken up. But it has been before: was “Le malade imaginaire” showing only one bedroom we already see different places in different scenes of the game, we have the revolving stage…. But here – in the concept of my dream – we would have the cut, the flashback, the inner monologue too *smile*.
The order of the scenes would be fixed, but inside those there would be much space for improvisation.
Costumes: Nearly daily outfits, just ONE colorful item for every actor – a scarf, a hat, a handkerchief…
There could be even quotations from other plays: imagine the balcony-scene from Romeo and Juliet, imagine Cyrano whispering his love-letters to his double, imagine Napoleons beaten army passing the Beresina…..


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