Daily mythology: The Weather-Station


We bought a small pinwheel and put it into a flower pot, which we are seeing from our kitchen-window. And the weather-forecast is ready! The pinwheel works marvelously and shows phenomenons far beyond clouds and storms….:
Pinwheel is turning = wind blows
Pinwheel does not turn = no wind at all
Pinwheel turns, stands still, turns again = wind of change or changing winds
Pinwheel turns backwards = we’ve got Lodos (normally we have Poyraz)
Pinwheel looks colorful = here comes the sun
Pinwheel’s grey = cloudy weather
Pinwheels wet = it rains, there’s a hard rain gonna fall
Pinwheel’s white = snow-flocks falling, must be Santa
Pinwheel’s invisible = night, night! (and fog)
Pinwheel falls down = earthquake
Pinwheel is in the basement = There’s a new law which forbids putting pinwheels
Pinwheel works to the rhythm of “Turn, turn, turn” = I dreamed I saw Joan Baez last night


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