Daily mythology: Hluboka

Today, my browser told me: Good morning, Thomas! In Hluboka clouds are torn apart and sun emerges! (My browser thinks that I am where it finds connection). I smiled, because I knew Hluboka, I was there….for weeks, actually: It is a small village – in the hills of Moravia, near the – now anew established – border in between Czechia and Slowakia. We lived in a small summer house, drank very, very cheap beer, contemplated the emptiness of the settlement – the peasants were in Prag enjoying the opera, because the state-run threshing-machines, advancing from east to west, were only in Zilina. Our hosts were Helena, teacher in Pardubice, Jiřř, zoo-director in Dvuř Kralove, and their two daughters –the younger just coming home from Cucumber-Olympiad. We drove around in a 2CV, nice car, but hard to repair there, visited numbers of places, strolled a bit on the High-Carpats-Trail and swam in a small pond near the house. It was summer and nobody thought about the future…


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read me! Hotel Naipaula: http://www.blogigo.de/Hotel_Naipaula http://www.blogigo.de/Hotel_Naipaula Und weiterhin.... Die Labyrinthe von Hibouh: Orte der Sehnsucht. Oasen für alle Umtriebigen und Nachtschönheiten. Inseln im opaken Licht der Phantasie unter einem fleischig dahinziehenden Mond. Leise Dämmerung auf den Höhen. Neugierig geworden? Wir bringen Sie hin, wo Erleben und Erkennen eins werden. Nur Mut - lüften Sie dieses Geheimnis!

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