Daily mythology: Gender


(to Bob Dylan’s birthday the 24.5.)

Oh Mama, can this really be the end, to be stuck inside my gender with the sexual blues again?

It is not the end! Because we all know, that old men look more and more like women and old ladies sometimes like Charles Bukowski.

We all have a gender. We just have to look in between our legs (we think). Alas, some are born into the wrong one and try later to correct that.

But just watch portraits of the young Bob Dylan: doesn’t he look sweet and tender like a girl? No wonder Cate Blanchett could play him easily… And I am sure everybody has other examples for this fact.

Well, I don’t mean that Bob should become a woman (he took about 70 years to look mannish), I mean: we all have both – and even more – genders in us, more or less. We could live it, we could play with it. We could sing it out.


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