Daily mythology: Philosophy of life – Weltanschauung

How we smiled about Paracelsus. What they believed in the Middle-ages! Falsified for a long time…
For more than a thousand years Aristotle was the ultimate philosopher. Then came Kopernikus and Kepler and cleared our view of the world. Now, the sun was in the middle of our planetary system and no longer the earth. Sometimes they defended their views in danger of life – see Galileo Galilei or Giordano Bruno. Then came the 17th century, often we call it the century of Newton. Faster and faster we gained new evidence. Otto von Guericke proved the emptiness of the vacuum. But is there really nothing? What about infrared radiation?
Then came empiricism. What you get is what you see. Binoculars, microscope and electronic devices extended our perceptions. But what about things we don’t see (yet)? And with perceptions beyond our sense organs? Good bye empiricism.
Light: it is vibration. It’s proved. Light is working with high speed particles. That’s proven. Both in same time is impossible. Though you prove what you believe….
Will the 20eth century be called the century of Einstein?
Just act like the constructors of atomic bombs or mobile phones. Just don’t worry about theories. Use it!
But nobody believes in me when I say, that the earth is a hollow sphere…..


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