Daily mythology: Happy Nation

Once upon a time there were nations (now we have the USA). Every nation had a flag. The flag was a holy thing. You had to salute it and you had to sing the national anthem, with a face, as if god stood in front of you.
Now we have football/soccer-clubs. They have flags. If you see them, you salute. You sing “Wo die Weser ei-nen gro-ssen Bo-gen macht” or “Pascal, bizi diskoya götür”, with a face, as if Messi or Aziz Yıldırım stood in front of you. You don’t have to be English to be a Liverpool-Fan. Famous football-clubs are the new nations. You can be Canari everywhere. Lately I saw a video about fishermen on a remote island of Indonesia. They lived like in the stone age, they had no teeth and no birth-control, but one of them wore a Barcelona-T-shirt.


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