Daily mythology: Minibars

In midst the Windian Ocean we find the archipelago of Minibars. On the main island is the central training facility for weathermen. Minibars has a majority of female inhabitants. Not to be astonished about: women cope much better with sensitivity to changes in the weather, though they are handicapped by the new law stating the obligation to wear mini-skirts. Women with fat legs consequently stay at home. But weathermen should logically be called weatherwomen!
In all the hotels of the archipelago it became a habit to put a small refrigerator with some drinks into the rooms. It became a rite to call that thing “minibar” all over the world
On the Minibars the field elevation is nil. In addition the agency Fitch menaces to downgrade the archipelago. By the logic of these facts we soon will only be able to visit the islands diving with oxygen bottles. Because movements under water are much slower consequently we apply for an extension of our airtime!


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