Daily mythology: Agave


Maybe the highest flower of the world. You need a very big room at home, to put a bunch of these flowers into it.

These plant has a mythology too. When god Zeus was born, one needed to hide him, because his father Kronos had sworn to eat all his kids (There were no vegetarians then). So the Kuretes made little bells out of their goats hoofs and rang them to drown out the noise of young Zeus. The baby was always thirsty: The Kuretes flew to the Gardens of Hesperides way in the west and made a juice out of Agave, only growing there. (Today this drink is known as Tequila). In time the Kuretes brought one agave with them and planted it in the Aegaeis – and today it is found nearly everywhere… To satisfy the thirst of Zeus they additionally made a drink out of brandy and anise – as this drink went milky when you added water they called it “lions milk”. But that is another story…..


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