Daily mythology: The good old days

Why am I savoring some things I didn’t like in the past – when it arose? James Bond, ABBA, Curry-Wurst? The latter though remains our most sincere pleasure – we wanted it for days and weeks, and as soon as we ate it we felt sick…
But how exited we were after a James-Bond-movie in the “Gloria”! This fascistic approach! And Abba was just a tepid decoction of the Beatles (but we favoured Alice Cooper, of course, or Lou Reed or Jefferson Airplane!, went to movies made by Godard or Warhol and ate Schaschlik – just lately I learned, that Schaschlik didn’t come to us from Yugoslavia, but from Kazakstan). In time we settled down and grew white beards like Sean Connery, the revolution was postponed, the public opinion went to be conservative…or was written into that direction. But we still hate “Bild-Zeitung”! And we still love Fishn Chips.


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