Daily mythology: Give me a hand

Here is some etymology again:

„Hand“ comes from old English „hond“, from protogermanic „khanduz“ and the french „main“ from manus “hand, strength, power over, armed force“, from these two main (!) roots a lot of words we use but  rarely think about are diverted. We just handle them. Sometimes I am handicapped in finding words, I must buy them from second hand. Hope  the sellers are handsome (to me). Alas! „Hands up!“ they say and put me in handcuffs. What shall they do? They’re off to maintain public order – without any manipulation, I hope. The judge reads a manuscript to me, I am sentenced to work in a manufacture (first I study the manual, then I work in busy manner as a hand, then as manager). I hope for a maneuver to emancipate me of all this. Otherwise I’ll write a manifesto…


I remember a tale from France, “The man of all colours”. There it says“…He followed the dwarf to the underworld. They came to a huge castle and the dwarf let him in and then disappeared. The man of all colours did not find any human being in that castle, but hands were everywhere. Hands opened the doors for him, hands hold the lights, hands served the dishes at dinner, hands showed him his sleeping room. He had a good life, though in time he got bored with all these mute servants….”


In time humans created in fact a tool for every movement and activity of the hand. The axe is better than the naked hand, even if you know karate (what means „with naked hand“). The spoon is easier for soup than the palm of your hand. The shovel digs much faster than the fingernail. The plough…. Then the caterpillar, the crane, the compressed air hammer, the scalpel and so on……. We don’t need our hands anymore, except to read the future in the lines of our palm. In fact: to create the future, hands are needed, the only thought is helpless for that aim.